Why is 4WD the best?

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4-wheel drive (4WD) is considered better for certain driving conditions because it provides increased traction and stability.

4WD systems allow all four wheels of a vehicle to receive power from the engine simultaneously, as opposed to just two wheels in a 2-wheel drive (2WD) system. This distributes the power to all four wheels, giving the vehicle better traction and stability on slippery or uneven surfaces, such as mud, snow, or gravel. This makes 4WD vehicles better suited for off-road driving or in poor weather conditions.

Additionally, 4WD vehicles often have higher ground clearance, which can also improve off-road capability and make it easier to navigate over obstacles.

It’s important to note that 4WD systems can also add weight and complexity to a vehicle, which can negatively impact fuel efficiency and maintenance costs. They also tend to be more expensive than 2WD vehicles.

So, it depends on the specific use case and driving conditions, if you are someone who drives on off-road conditions or in poor weather conditions, 4WD is better. But if you drive mostly on paved roads, 2WD might be sufficient.