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An oil filter is usually encased in a small capsule with various components inside that are used to filter out contaminants within the oil. The filter’s job is to cycle the clean oil back through the engine parts to keep the components running as smoothly as possible. How do I know the oil filter needs to be changed? Poor Performance Engine Sputters Audible Metallic Noise Low Oil Pressure Exhaust That Is Dirty

A starter includes a motor, solenoid switch, pinion, battery and flywheel. The motor is electrically operated by the solenoid. When the car’s key is turned to the on position, the ignition system sends an electric charge to the solenoid. This results in the starter gear engaging with the flywheel, turning the gear and starting the engine. How do I know my starter needs replacing? You hear a clicking noise while turning the key to the on position Car doesn’t start

“Auto Barn began as H&M Auto Parts of Brooklyn, NY in 1957. This store as well as Globe, our first import-only store, were entirely dedicated to the wholesale trade. In 1964, the business expanded to Long Island with the addition of wholesale stores in Freeport and Lynbrook . To service our growing group of stores as well as other independent Jobbers, Rodi Automotive Inc., a Warehouse Distributor, was established at that time.” Read more

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